Let’s Create Something Together.

Contrast is a design agency in Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. We are design thinkers and problem solvers. We spread our passion for design and compositions to businesses to help them grow and capture an audience through creative engagement. 

Conner Palomba

Hi! I’m our digital designer and co-founder, I am passionate about creating, collecting, and executing creative projects. I graduated from GBC with an Advanced Diploma in Interactive Design and Development. I like to improve each design with collaborators by using market research and design thinking. I’m an open-minded individual who sees opportunity in every idea that’s brought to the table. When I’m not designing or taking pictures, you can find me rollerblading around the city.

Lorenzo Fermin

Hola! My name is Lorenzo and I am a co-founder of Contrast Design. I studied Interactive Media and Design and have always been involved with different forms of the arts since I was a kid. I am passionate about design, art, and fashion. When I am not designing websites and branding, I’m most likely cooking up a storm or doing drag!

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